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FAQ about Abby abroad

What language do they speak in Belgium? This is a question best answered by viewing the short little video below, which I watched at orientation:

I speak French, but definitely not German or Dutch. By a strange twist of circumstances I wound up in Elementary Dutch I. Ik ben gelukkig… ?

Are you going to school there? Yes, I am not vacationing. I will be attending Vesalius College on the campus of VUB (the Vrije Universiteit Brussel). The college is tiny, even by USA liberal arts college standards. It has approximately 400 students, 300 hundred of whom are international students. There are over 50 nationalities represented. As VUB is a Dutch campus, all the classes are taught in either Dutch or English.

Where are you living? I live in an apartment 15 minutes from Vesalius College and 7 minutes from the best sandwicherie/bakery on earth. It’s in the Ixelles (SE) region of Brussels (approx. 20-30 minutes from central Brussels on public transit).

 Do you have a roommate? Yes, just one and she’s great 🙂  We have ISA neighbors upstairs.

 How long will you be over there? I will be in Brussels until December 15th. I will then be home for about one month before I cross the pond again to go to Meknes, Morocco on the ISA Morocco Spring Semester.

 Do you know anyone else who’s going? I’m in Brussels under the care of ISA (International Studies Abroad). Based in Austin, TX, the company has programs all over the world. I’m on the Brussels, Belgium program with approximately 30 other students from the USA. I didn’t know any of them before arriving in Brussels. That’s my style.



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Bienvenue, tout le monde!

Welcome, family and friends to my very own study abroad blog! I can’t believe that after 10 months of planning I am finally leaving for Brussels on Saturday. I will be living in a cute little European apartment and studying at Vesalius College (VeCo) on the campus of the Vrije Universiteit Brussels. I’ll try to update this blog frequently during my time abroad with stories, pictures, and reflections on my time in Belgium. You can also follow my study abroad escapades on Twitter (@abkrusemark) and on the Saint Anselm Study Abroad Blog

See you on the other side!

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